Supply chain is a team sport


There’s a good article at Supply Excellence entitled “Has the Economic Recovery begun? Are you ready?” that I provided feedback on and wanted to include here as well. ### My comment ### Having had the privilege of meeting with executives of many manufacturers in the US over the past 12 months, one common dialog seems […]

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To simulate or not to simulate…


It was approximately 12 years ago when the company I was working for made the difficult decision to outsource the board manufacturing shop.  After a very trying six month transition, the management team was questioning the wisdom of the move.   Deliveries from the subcontractor were consistently late and quality problems were worse than at any […]

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Six factors of success for supply chain software implementation


I recently came across a Tompkins Associate’s article entitled Seven Best Practices for Supply Chain Execution Implementations and it got me thinking about my experiences in implementing supply chain software and what has made one customer more successful than another. I believe it boils down to 6 factors: Priorities Decision criteria Ownership Resources Flexibility Testing […]

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Lessons learned from a world class supply chain risk management practitioner


Supply Chain Management Review has an excellent article that describes a world class approach to risk management.  The article describes Cisco’s  Supply Chain Risk Management program and how using this approach Cisco was able to respond to the Chendu earthquake last year (location to several of Cisco’s suppliers) without significant degradation of customer service. According […]

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Is your supply chain creating value or stealing margin?


This on-demand radio broadcast hosted by John Hanson interviewing ADR CEO Bill Michels on the subject:  “Why GM’s supply-chain is in a state of ruin”  and in it he discusses several potential root causes behind this failure. One of his key points is that GM’s hard line approach with suppliers sacrificed long term sustainability for […]

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