TPOP – Medium-well please


Back in 1981, I was hired as an Inventory Control Analyst (Construction Supplies Scheduler) by the largest public utility supplying electric and natural gas to Arizona located in Phoenix.  My initial duties involved the scheduling of all of the electrical transformers and natural gas supplies necessary for repair and new construction the utility was involved […]

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Challenges to setting up a successful supply chain in India


India is $1.6 trillion dollar economy which is growing at an average annual rate of 7.5 percent. No global corporation can ignore that. To do business successfully in that geography, their Indian business units and partners must be able to overcome the challenges from several domains: supply chain, regulatory and socio- cultural. I am going […]

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Control Tower Concepts: Control towers are all about orchestration


As our Doug Colbeth, our CEO, wrote recently Companies must look at their supply chains as having a “cause and effect” relationship with other key parts of their business. It is in the supply chain and its related areas where companies can effectively address the three key challenges of any business; financial performance, customer satisfaction, […]

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Control Tower Concepts: Putting the focus on the “People” in “People, Process, and Technology”


To create and sustain change, the discussion has revolved around people, process and technology (software in this case) since the beginning of the information age.  What is interesting about this discussion is that almost all of the focus and discussion surrounds the process and the software, or at best, talks about each of these as […]

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