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Rising Labor Costs in China and Their Impact on the Supply Chain


In October 2011, Simon Rabinovitch of the Financial Times published an article entitled “China labor cost soars as wages surge by 22%.” This figure is an average across the breadth of the country, with Shenzen and Beijing named as the costliest locations to do business. This trend has been covered extensively by the media in […]

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Supply chain 2015 – the blurring of operational supply chain planning and execution


Dan Gilmour of Supply Chain Digest  in his newsletter for Oct 22, 2009 published a list of “things” that will change in supply chains by 2015.  There were a number of things that Dan identified that really boil down to the blurring of operational supply chain planning and execution.  We have been seeing this trend […]

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The soft side of the supplier-customer relationship


I just finished reading a paper on Supplier Collaboration, where the key message is that collaboration with suppliers needs to be far beyond tactical exchange of data. It defends a more mature and trusting relationship with key suppliers, where there is sharing of business strategies, joint work on investigation of risks, threats, and opportunities and […]

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