NetApp responds rapidly to global changes


Another in the continuing series of customer stories that illustrate the impact of Response Management.

Network Appliance (NetApp) has been a leader in storage products for years. With the Internet boom and the move to all things digital, there’s been tremendous demand for storage products. The problem is that this growth isn’t always predictable or smooth. And, the market is cut throat in terms of competition.

NetApp must rapidly anticipate and adapt to changing conditions in the complex global environment. In 2000, during a period of rapid growth, NetApp found itself with a number of disparate systems and processes that could not efficiently scale to support the growing demands of an international corporation. NetApp required visibility across the company in order to automate the scheduling and manage the varying impact of changes in customer demand.

Leveraging Response Management capabilities, a solution was developed that takes a unique combination of information and business rules to determine where an order should be sourced and the appropriate delivery and build schedules for all steps in the supply chain.
Real-time, closed-loop integration with the Oracle ERP system ensures complete automation and rapid response.

NetApp is another company that needed to develop systems capable of responding rapidly to change. Doing so enables a company to achieve two objectives that historically have been at odds with each other: increasing customer service levels while improving operating efficiencies (these have been at odds because historically you’ve had to maintain inventory buffers, as one example, to achieve higher customer service levels).

To learn a bit more about NetApp and their use of Response Management, see the case study here.

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