IndustryWeek Manufacturing Business Challenge


I wanted to make readers of this blog aware of something we’ve been working on with IndustryWeek for a couple of months now. It’s called the IndustryWeek Manufacturing Business Challenge.  It’s a pretty neat idea that IndustryWeek came up with and we are now sponsoring.

Anyone can subscribe at the link above to receive a monthly email containing the latest challenge.  The challenge depicts a typical manufacturer and a critical business challenge they are facing.  There are then two proposed solutions – one by an industry expert and one by me! 🙂  There are also opportunities to continue the dialog about that particular challenge in forums and there’s even a place to submit your own idea for a challenge to be discussed.

Here are quick links to the challenges that have been published to date.  Follow this link to subscribe and ensure that you get future challenges sent directly to you.  Enjoy.

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