What is your organization’s top priority for supply chain investment?


Over at the Infosys supply chain management blog, which is a very good blog by the way, they are conducting a poll asking what your organization’s top priority is for supply chain investment in these tough economic conditions.   If you register while taking the poll, you get a free AMR white paper on thriving in a recession.  Seems worth checking out.  The current results are below:


Given the incredible uncertainty around demand right now, I can’t say I’m surprised.  However, I hope the investments aren’t predominantly on statistical demand forecasting solutions that predict future demand based on an analysis of past demand patterns.  While this is certainly an appropriate input into the development of a consensus forecast, the past is very unlikely to help you understand today’s demand.  I wonder if the results would have been different if they had separated out demand planning from demand management – where the latter emphasizes the balancing of supply and demand.  I also noted the strong showing for supply chain risk management, another area that we’ve talked quite a bit about here.

I would encourage you to go and vote – it’s interesting to see what others are focusing on and I’m sure the AMR report is well worth the time as well.

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