Collaboration – The good, bad and ugly


Collaboration is without a doubt a key component in many companies’ strategic initiatives.    The touted benefits (the good) are significant and they extend well beyond the financials, to include service improvements and risk sharing.    While some companies have begun the journey with collaborating with their customers, others have elected to start on the supply side.  […]

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Leggo my Eggo


As I went into the freezer this morning to retrieve the frozen waffles for my kids breakfast I was warmed by the fact that there were actually waffles to get.  The last few months have been very difficult as the ability to procure Eggo Waffles has been difficult.  As many of you may be aware, […]

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Talent and the supply chain


So often we discuss the nitty-gritty of supply chains in terms of inventory levels, customer service, supplier performance, capacity availability, etc.  All too often we gloss over the organizational structures required to operate an effective and efficient supply chain.  I was fortunate enough to attend an AMR Research call on March 23rd  titled “The Supply […]

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The SCM SaaS debate: multi-tenant vs. multi-instance


Posted on behalf of Rob Bell, Senior Director, Service Ops and IT, Kinaxis. We are becoming more and more familiar with the key benefits of SaaS: Richer user experience and user productivity Rapid IT implementation and optional higher quality deployment More frequent cycles of innovation Minimal upgrade hassles Access to the “always-on” SaaS tools regardless […]

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