Responding…versus planning…versus expediting


This is a follow-up to my post from a few weeks ago: Expediting versus Planning.  I received many comments and recommendations on this subject as to whether much of the expediting that occurs is in fact related to planning deficiencies.   After reading and reflecting on the comments I received, it seems to me that the premise that effective […]

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What’s needed and what’s available in S&OP offerings today?


Just a reminder of our webcast next week with Lora Cecere, Partner with Altimeter Group.   What S&OP Capabilities Matter Most? Date: June 29, 2010 Time: 1:00 p.m. EST Register today! Based on recent research, Lora Cecere outlines optimal practices for S&OP, and what’s required to get there. As S&OP grows in significance, companies are redefining S&OP and the supporting technological […]

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China…times they are a changin’!


I’ve recently been noticing a number of articles in Industry Week dealing with labor disputes and issues in China; Strike Halts Honda’s Production in China Honda Offers Pay Raise to Chinese Strikers Honda’s Chinese Parts Plant Resumes Full Operations Honda Resumes Car Production at Two Assembly Plants in China Japan’s Brother Says Hit by China […]

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Driving performance improvements through exception management


Who doesn’t embrace the concept of management by exception?   This is one of those universal concepts that suggest we should build processes that handle normal variations virtually automatically, and reserve our precious human capital to address the variances that have significant business impact.  Like most great concepts, the real challenge lies in the application of […]

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The real value is in the response (In this case, responses to my blog post on forecast accuracy)


Many times the responses to a blog post are more valuable than the original post itself, especially when the original post poses a question. In the case of “How accurate does the forecast need to be?” that was certainly the case. The following are some “nuggets” from the  responses received to the original post that […]

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