The supply chain disruptions you’ll never plan for


The eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano last spring was fascinating for a number of reasons. For example, photos of lightning inside the plume of volcanic ash, such as these seen at National Geographic’s website, are mesmerizing. More importantly, the ash cloud itself presented significant business ramifications for companies around the world. I believe we will […]

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Do you trust yourself to collaborate? The real barrier to collaboration is not technology, but trust


 When I need inspiration I normally go to TED.  I can normally find a topic that is peripheral but pertinent.  Such was my quest with “collaboration”.  I believe very strongly in the value that collaboration can bring to massively outsourced supply chains such as we see in electronics and apparel.  But what is collaboration and […]

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Transforming the Pharma Supply Chain Part 1


Can you achieve an acceptable level of supply availability without the current waste? There is no question that the Pharma industry must deal with a unique combination of supply chain and regulatory issues to meet its obligations to consumers, supply chain partners and shareholders. For some biotech companies, availability of their products are literally a […]

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Supply chain visibility is vital, but the larger business goal is agility


I recently ran across some research that really has me thinking. The IBM Institute for Business Value surveyed 664 supply chain management executives in 29 countries around the world, and the results are pretty much what you would expect. That is, those executives cited global economic turmoil and uncertainty as the driving factors behind their […]

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4 common reasons why companies evaluate products from their ERP vendor first…even if they don’t want to


I just read an article titled:  “Throwing Enterprise Software Vendors Under the Bus” by Thomas Wailgum of Enterprise Software Unplugged on  Obviously, I work for a SaaS based software company and we compete against some modules from the big ERP vendors.  We work with very large companies who primarily deal with Oracle or SAP.  Whenever there […]

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