The lighter side of supply chain collaboration.


It’s hard to believe it has been a month since we launched Episode 1 of ‘New Kinexions’ – a six part comedy series which draws parallels between dysfunctional software and an annoying ex. If you haven’t watched them yet, make sure to check out Episodes 1-5 in the Just for Laughs section of the Supply Chain Expert Community.

Also, don’t forget to enter our New Kinexions contest for an XBox 360 and Kinect! The winner will be the person who best completes this sentence:

Bad software is like an annoying ex because…

Visit the contest page for details, to enter, and to view other hilarious entries.

This week’s episode focuses on collaboration, which according to Google is defined as: A recursive process where two or more people or organizations work together in an intersection of common goals. Unfortunately, this is not a concept that Ari Cole can understand as he continues to do what he thinks is ‘best’ for the relationship.

On a serious note, to learn more about supply chain collaboration check out this research report by Aberdeen Group titled: Enabling Supply Chain Visibility and Collaboration in the Cloud.

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