Part 1: Does the Art of Scheduling Still Exist?


The definition of sched·ule: a plan of procedure, usually written, for a proposed objective, especially with reference to the sequence of and time allotted for each item or operation necessary to its completion. An early practitioner who became famous in our field, Ollie Wight, described a good, realistic schedule as basic and fundamental to […]

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Are you holding your supply chain data hostage?


Are you holding your supply chain data hostage in siloed software solutions or data warehouses?  It’s time to use all of that data to your advantage. Organizations work hard at collecting all of the data but what happens next? Yes, that’s right…non value added activity extracting data, merging information between systems, waiting for results and […]

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My first 90 days – Day 87: Balancing supply and demand of anything is everything


Balancing supply and demand of anything is everything. We have been using that phrase for some time now and it resonates more with me everything I see it and think about it. It doesn’t even just apply in business, but in life in general. Monthly finances.  Deciding on vacations.  Decisions on career path.  Many even […]

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Tomorrow’s Supply Chain Leaders – Do they know the fundamentals?


I was reading an interesting article a while back in Bloomberg Business Week by Victoria Taylor titled Supply Chain Management: The Next Big Thing? The article highlighted the emerging trend by undergraduates in seeking supply chain management studies, and   colleges and universities are responding in kind by increasing the variety of courses relating to various aspects […]

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