Supply chain excellence is not a guarantee for success


My colleague John Westerveld wrote a blog recently titled “The mobile revolution hits the supply chain” in which he explores the impact of mobility, and tablets in particular, on the supply chain.  This led me to think about the fortunes of the companies that provide mobility, particularly the hardware providers.  But then Apple has changed […]

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Control Tower Concepts: What might go wrong? A case for a strong project management plan.


The other day I was speaking with my father and I asked for his opinion on the value of using software to integrate supply chain planning with project management. This might not be the typical father daughter conversation but we enjoy these chats, and I have always valued my father’s opinion. My father, Don Lambert, […]

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Control Tower Concepts: Where do profitability management and human resource management meet?


Profitability management and human resource management – are they distinct applications or capabilities of an integrated enterprise business management (Control Tower) application? Well, to jump to the punch line, the answer is likely “both” – depending on how one defines the terms. A significant problem that exists in organizations today is that too many decisions […]

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