Burned by Supply Chain Software Past?


Burned by Supply Chain Software Past?At last week’s Chief Supply Chain Officer Summit Laura Dionne, director worldwide operations planning, TriQuint and Kirk Munroe, vice president, marketing, Kinaxis delivered an entertaining holiday-themed session.

Fortunately we were able to record this fun presentation. You’ll hear them discuss the technology wish list, that prior to Kinaxis RapidResponse, had only been met with the equivalent of a lump of coal.  From specific functionality to usability to implementation, find out what was on the list and why RapidResponse was different in how it delivered.

Learn how Kinaxis was able to check each item off TriQuint’s wish list, while building a true partnership in driving supply chain excellence within the organization.

View the video here.

As you approach your own Software Eve, we hope in 2013 you get everything that is on YOUR technology wish list!

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