On Demand Webcast, Supply Chain Control Tower: Concept and Impact


Last week, Kinaxis participated in a webcast with Aberdeen Group on the topic of “Supply Chain Control TowerOn Demand Webcast, Supply Chain Control Tower: Concept and Impact: Concept and Impact”.

Bryan Ball, Vice President, Supply Chain Management, Aberdeen Group and Kirk Munroe, Vice President of Product, Kinaxis, spoke on the topic of “Supply Chain Control Tower: Concept and Impact” and we were lucky enough to record his presentation.

The recorded presentation is now available; in addition, the slide deck is available for download.

In the presentation you will hear:

This on-demand webcast will address the concept and impact of Control Towers in the context of supply chains. A definition will be offered in terms of obtaining the research data and the findings will be presented utilizing the Aberdeen PACE methodology. In addition to basic findings the metric of “time to problem resolution” is presented as means of measuring the effectiveness of control towers.

A comparison of those with control tower capabilities to those without those capabilities will be made with t he intent of defining a summary list of possible technology elements required to enable a complete control tower solution. The fewer the elements involved in the complete solution the more effective the control will likely be due to the latency removed between separate pieces of the overall solution. Takeaways and recommendations will be made by organizational maturity class along with summary comments and direction.



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