Elevate your S&OP Process: Complimentary Analyst Report Featured in Kinaxis Newsletter


We recently produced a newsletter which includes complimentary access to a Gartner research report titled “Elevate your S&OP Process from Traditional to Demand-Driven” (T. Applebaum, J. Kohler, 5 July 2012)

The original S&OP process, as has been implemented by many companies, has proven to lead to ineffective and inefficient planning cycles that drive less than maximized value for the enterprise. As a result, a different interpretation and expectation for S&OP is emerging that entails better, broader goals.

In the newsletter:

  • Gartner’s analysis of how Supply Chain leaders transform their S&OP processes beyond the traditional practice to better sense demand, make strategic trade-offs and enable more demand-driven planning.  Learn about the keys to this evolution and the business value that can be gained as a result.
  • Kinaxis’ view on the 4 capability requirements for leveraging S&OP for business orchestration.

It is only with a new model of S&OP, where process execution can evolve into operational orchestration; efficiency goals can be coupled with measures of effectiveness; and cost control objectives can be appropriately balanced with mandates for delivering business performance and value-based outcomes.

Download the newsletter here: http://www.kinaxis.com/campaign/report-elevate-your-sop-process/ (available for a limited time)

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