Companies passionate about Integrated Business Planning. Supply chain risk management…not so much?


Supply Chain Digest’s graphic of the week last week is from the 2013 Gartner Supply Chain Study.  It shows various initiatives that supply chain leaders feel passionate about like integrated business planning, government mandates, talent management, globalization initiatives, supply chain risk management and supply chain redesign.

Passion Index for the 2013 Supply Chain Top Priorities

Passion Index for the 2013 Gartner Supply Chain Top Priorities supply chain risk management

Two things really stood out to me: Integrated business planning is a very high priority and supply chain risk management is a relatively low priority.

Why does supply chain risk management score so low?

I can certainly understand why integrated business planning would score highly; it is the function within business that identifies strategic corporate objectives and aligns the company in achieving those goals.  What I (and the report author) found confusing is why supply chain risk management scored so low overall.

Perhaps, we have advanced far enough in supply chain risk management that it is no longer a concern (In my opinion, I don’t think so though…). Potentially, we think that there won’t be another Japanese tsunami or floods in Thailand or garment factory disasters in Bangladesh.  It seems to me that these types of disasters are getting more frequent, not less. Every time I turn on the news, it seems there is a story that has a global impact.
The only consolation I take from this is that any good integrated business planning process would include supply chain risk management as one of the factors considered in any decision made.    One can only hope so anyway.

What are your supply chain passions for 2013?

Why do you think supply chain risk management scored so low in this study?

Comment back and let us know!


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John Westerveld is a demo architect for Kinaxis. Previously, John was a product manager responsible for supply management , supply chain risk management, application interface and framework, integration management and server. He joined Kinaxis over 7 years ago bringing with him 16 years of manufacturing experience, including 10 years in the information technology field. John is a qualified APICS instructor and is certified APICS CPIM.

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  1. Supply chain management (SCM) is the management of an interconnected or interlinked between network, channel and node businesses involved in the provision of product and service packages required by the end customers in a supply chain.

  2. Very good and informative article. I agree with two point you mentioned one is Business planing and second is supply chain risk management. Until or unless we don’t have concrete business strategy we can’t go ahead and do a better job in term of logistic handling and business growth. Good to read this.

  3. Risk management in every business a major factor and people always hardly could resolve it for forever. But expert discussion and financial backup only the way can pick up from this hurdle and make a path to success.

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