Industrial manufacturing supply chain success story: Satisfying profitability and customer expectations


Today, we want to feature a couple of case studies from our industrial manufacturing customers. We know that  industrial manufacturing supply chains typically operate relatively low-volume, non-commodity businesses, this doesn’t prevent them from having demanding customers or complex supply chains. Increasing outsourcing…faster order delivery expectations…rising commodity costs: The result is a situation where profitability and customer expectations are often at odds.

To thrive in today’s environment, industrial manufacturers need to shift from a role of controlling all aspects of manufacturing, to one of coordinating activities, with in-depth input and interaction with customers and suppliers.

We want to share how these companies have turned to Kinaxis to help them face these challenges head on and are seeing breakthroughs in operations performance as a result.

Industrial manufacturing customer testimonials

“We have hundreds of users pulling ad hoc reports from RapidResponse every day. I can’t begin to list all the benefits, but they include improved inventory management, supply/demand alignment, better information to buyers, and identified PO split opportunities.” Read more

“For any report that must be written quickly, we use RapidResponse. Report development time in SAP is months versus same day in RapidResponse.” Read more

Check out the case studies of two industrial manufacturing supply chains

enterprise industrial manufacturing supply chain case study

industrial manufacturing supply chain case study

Other industry case studies:

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More about our supply chain survey

As you may have read in our first blog of the series, we completed a customer survey project with TechValidate and are very pleased with the over 150 survey responses and the many stories we can share. And so, for our Friday posts, we have been featuring the customer results on how they are using RapidResponse in their supply chain and the benefits they are realizing.

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Happy Friday!

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