Kinexions: What happens in Vegas…


It’s that time of year when planning for Kinexions, our yearly user conference, kicks off in full swing. Locations are scoped out, agendas are developed, speakers are secured, and graphic designers are slaving away crafting captivating themes and logos.

This year, for the first time ever, we are bringing Kinexions to Las Vegas. There is a lot of excitement about the location and, unsurprisingly, it made for some fun logo designs. The Kinaxis marketing team recently met to review all the proposed logos and taglines. We had quite a few laughs and wanted to share all the fun ideas. Check out the following logos and transcripts of our reactions, take a stab at guessing the winner, and post your guess in the comments. We will be unveiling the final logo and additional conference details shortly, so stay tuned.

Let’s get started!

Kinexions Logo

“I think I like this one.”

“Did you notice how all the suits are represented in that?”

“Hey, that’s pretty clever!”

“Is it too busy though?”

Kinexions Logo

“Who knows poker, is that a straight flush?”

“It would be better if the cards were red.”

Kinexions Logo

“Look, red cards, they read my mind!”

“OK, so is that a full house?”

“Seriously, someone on this team take an action item to master poker.”

“Guys, I’m not sure about the Expect a Full House slogan though, doesn’t have much to do with supply chain.”

Kinexions Logo

“This might be difficult; this one is pretty good too.”

“We’d just need to change the gold to red.”

Kinexions Logo


“I like the poker chip idea.”

“I don’t like the background.”

“It has a psychedelic feel to it, no?”

Kinexions Logo

“The chip again! And no grey!”

“This is getting tough, because I like this one too.”

“I prefer the shortened tagline.”

Kinexions Logo

“Collective gasp.”


“I think Paul’s just messing with us.”

“I have a great idea, let’s superimpose Bill Dubois’ face on Elvis’ body!”


That’s it, that’s all folks! Think you know which one we chose? Leave a comment with your thoughts for bragging rights.



  1. its gotta be Elvis!! But if you do the full house it needs to be with 10s and 5s…. Kinexions ’15 after all!!

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