Concurrency: Embracing the death of S&OP, SCOR and Other Supply Chain Paradigms.


Recently Matt Davis of Gartner (formerly SCM World) published Concurrency: Embracing the death of S&OP, SCOR and Other Supply Chain Paradigms as a result of three years of Future of Supply Chain research. In this new research paper, SCM World describes the death of S&OP as we know it.

Proving to be both a disruption and a massive opportunity, digitisation, value chain collaboration and a greater need for real-time decision-making are coming together as a disruptive catalyst to end a roughly five-year stagnation in supply chain planning. Innovative approaches to solving today’s supply chain challenges that embrace these new realities are showing that the future of planning is concurrency.

What is concurrency?









Davis predicts three foundational capabilities of concurrency and the future of supply chain:

  1. Digital will act as a mechanism to unify strategic supply chain technology investments and provide the mechanism to gut, retrofit and fill the gaps in planning across the end-to-end value chain.
  1. Digitised business processes will displace non-value-added human work yet simultaneously make cross-functional collaboration more important than ever before.
  1. The underlying principles, objectives and value propositions of S&OP will remain supply chain priorities, but the sequential, time bound nature of the process will be replaced with democratised, dynamic decision-making.

Check out this fascinating report as Davis shares insights and approaches from leading organizations embracing concurrency; and lastly, presents a six-point action plan to help you establish concurrent planning in your supply chain.

Download this complimentary report.


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