The Self-Healing Supply Chain Webinar: The state of the art and its prospects for the future


Josh Greenbaum & Trevor Miles | The Self-Healing Supply Chain WebinarThe future of supply chain planning has arrived

The notion of a supply chain that heals itself sounds futuristic. Mix in notions such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and you’re not entirely wrong. But unlike that flying car the Jetsons promised we would have by now, the self-healing supply chain is real.

Having already proven its value for companies like Schneider Electric and MSD (also known as Merck & Co., Inc. in the US and Canada), the Self-Healing Supply ChainTM is forcing us to re-imagine what’s possible when it comes to supply chain planning.

Register to watch this on-demand webinar to hear industry experts Josh Greenbaum, Principal at Enterprise Applications Consulting, and Trevor Miles, Thought Leader at Kinaxis, discuss:

  • What a self-healing supply chain is, along with the concepts and technologies that lie behind it
  • How the Self-Healing Supply Chain has already helped companies realize improvements in supply chain planning
  • Practical advice on what it takes to implement the Self-Healing Supply Chain, and how you can get started today

Find out how the Self-Healing Supply Chain can help you take the robot out of the human, and how you can start trusting your data again. Join us for this supply chain webinar today.

Self-Healing Supply Chain webinar


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  1. This is an amazing concept of using predictive analytics and monte carlo simulations to prevent and cure the inefficiencies of the supply chain.

    Thank you for the amazing webinar

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