[On-demand webinar] From siloed to synchronized: The rise of the network planner


The rise of the network plannerTwo years ago we wondered whether supply chain planners might one day be called network planners:

“Much like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), there is still a lot of hype about the network planner. Will it be something that we evolve to as part of supply chain transformations, or will it be out of necessity and a need to manage the new supply chain planning landscape?”

Now it seems we have finally reached a tipping point.

As supply chain volatility becomes the new norm for companies, many are hiring network planners to manage their global operations.

The new supply chain management structure

Is it time for your organization to embrace the network planner? In our latest on-demand webinar, Klaus Imping, Partner and COO, mSE Solutions and Harish Iyer, Vice President of Industry and Solutions Marketing, Kinaxis, discuss what a modern supply chain management structure could look like, using a real-world example from a leading life sciences company.

Watch the full webinar to learn:

  • How the organization’s supply chain transitioned from siloed teams and legacy technology to end-to-end visibility with a network planner
  • How global network planners are taking operational ownership of entire supply chains to cut lead times, reduce inventory and improve global operations
  • Why the organization focused on more than just technology updates in its supply chain modernization initiative



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