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Kinaxis is a leading provider of cloud-based subscription software that enables our customers to improve and accelerate analysis and decision-making across their supply chain operations. The supply chain planning and analytics capabilities of our product, RapidResponse, create the foundation for managing multiple, interconnected supply chain management processes. By using the single RapidResponse product instead of combining individual disparate software solutions, our customers gain visibility across their supply chains, can respond quickly to changing conditions, and ultimately realize significant operating efficiencies.

World leading manufacturers rely on RapidResponse to extend value to their investment in enterprise resource planning (ERP), free themselves from performance and functional limitations, eliminate uncontrolled spreadsheets and use a single environment for concurrent and continuous planning. We allow them to know sooner so they can act faster.

This blog features various Kinaxis team members, with occasional guests, and provides insights on today’s supply chain trends, issues and hot topics.

The postings on this site do not necessarily represent Kinaxis positions, strategies or opinions.

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