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Airport logistics and the concurrent planning truth behind baggage handling


Airport logistics and the truth behind baggage handling

Travelling is my ultimate passion. Even when it’s just a quick trip, setting up a routine in a different city or country helps me to think out-of-the-box as different cultures can have very different aspects of daily living.

Walking in the streets of a new city is a perfect workout for my brain as it helps me quickly become familiar with my surroundings and have the full experience.

I’ve been travelling as much as I can, wherever possible.

I have to say though, if you like travelling, you have to like being in airports and you must be willing to deal with the complex services structure it provides — which starts and ends with your baggage.

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Concurrent planning, technically speaking


Concurrent planning, technically speaking

Pause for a moment to think about what the world’s supply chains are tasked with on a daily basis and how much they achieve. It’s staggering. Now factor in the platforms, processes, and procedures upon which many of the world’s critical supply chains are built and it quickly becomes clear that the day will come that they can no longer keep up.

With political landscapes shifting at the speed of social media, changes to global trade policies introduced on a daily basis, and a general increase in demand from consumers looking to customize and personalize every buying experience, the time has come for the world’s supply chains to evolve.

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Expanded RapidResponse capabilities are here!


Expanded RapidResponse capabilities are here!Ask more of your planning platform. Kinaxis® has expanded its RapidResponse® platform. Now you can leverage the power of the world’s only concurrent planning platform to create custom planning applications, and extend the functionality of any planning application (custom or existing) running on RapidResponse with the ability to build your own embedded algorithms or connect external ones.

Developing apps and algorithms is quick and affordable because you’re not starting from scratch. Development happens on top of the solid foundations of a trusted and secure platform boosted by decades of productized supply chain expertise. Tap into our patented database technology, best-in-class speed, scalability and synchronization across the supply chain network.

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What is concurrent planning?


There are lots of organizations that claim to have reinvented supply chain planning. They say they simplify planning by aligning different supply chain processes or functions. There’s just one problem: None have truly reached their goal. None really do concurrent planning.

While many companies claim to solve the sequential planning issues of the past, few have. They have brought parts of the planning process into the cloud, added algorithms and machine learning capabilities, or simplified reporting procedures.

But most still rely on parts of the same vicious, siloed cycle that’s been in use forever: wait for someone ahead of you to generate a plan, create your plan using their results, try to reconcile these plans with one another and eventually recognize that everyone’s plans have become meaningless in the time it’s taken to reach a consensus.

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Introducing our inaugural guide to concurrent planning


Download our guide Thinking Differently About Supply Chain Planning: The Case for ConcurrencyA transformation is taking place. Political landscapes shift overnight, global trade is constantly changing, consumers demand increasingly personalized service and smaller day-to-day challenges hit without warning. If your job is supply chain management, how on earth do you plan for the unplannable?

At Kinaxis, we devote our time to the innovative technologies, processes and methods that help our customers and partners navigate the changing landscape of supply chain planning. Forecasting specific disruptions has become increasingly futile, but if you set your business up to deal with the process of disruption you’ll be set up for success.

Today we’re releasing a new guide to help you in this process: Thinking Differently About Supply Chain Planning: The Case for Concurrency

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Big Ideas in Supply Chain | Keysight Technologies: Risk recovery after a natural disaster


Watch our newest Big Ideas in Supply Chain Imagine that three natural disasters hit your global supply chain within three years. For Keysight Technologies, this isn’t a hypothetical scenario. Between 2015 and 2016, earthquakes in Japan and explosions at a container storage station in China affected parts of the company’s supply chain. Then in 2017, the Tubbs wildfire burned down two structures at the company’s headquarters and damaged others.

What could have been a series of business fiascos was not. The company had continuity and disaster recovery plans in place, and supply chain employees routinely ran drills to prepare for potential issues.

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What the women’s World Cup taught me about building a supply chain planning team


I’ll be honest, I’m not much of a soccer fan. But, watching the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup was both exciting and eye opening.

These athletes are at the top of their game and embody excellence in their sport. It’s clear the team invested a lot of time, money, heart and soul to integrate so well, anticipate each other’s actions and achieve that level of performance.

This got me thinking about supply chain excellence and raised the question, “How do you achieve excellence when you’re not always working as one team, on one plan?”

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Enterprise resource planning or best of breed, what is best for IT?


Enterprise resource planning or best of breed, what is best for IT?The creative contention over enterprise resource planning (ERP) vs. best of breed (BoB) has become age-old; however, key considerations weighting the equation have changed with the rise of the cloud, better integration tools, and more focus on the impact network solutions have on business transformation and end user satisfaction.

The pendulum is swinging in favor of BoB as these considerations continue to eliminate the preconceived advantages of getting all of your planning tools from your ERP vendor.

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