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Around the curve: 2020 automotive industry predictions


With the pace of change in the automotive industry as of late, making any predictions seems a bold move. It’s hard to imagine what the next twelve months and beyond hold for an industry facing seemingly non-stop innovation. But in 2020, I expect we’ll see this pace of innovation continue. Here are a few predictions for the year ahead.

The electric age accelerates

As the millennial and Gen Z cohorts continue to become more of the buying market (by 2020 they will make up 64% of the world’s population according to Forbes), their preferences will only further dictate where the industry leans. With electric options becoming more affordable (see models like the Nissan Leaf), the continued growth of electric vehicles is likely to rise as this play into the buying preferences of these generations. In order to maintain relevant, or gain relevancy, with that share of the market, automotive leaders will continue to invest and innovate in electric vehicles.

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Five signs its time for supply chain transformation


Watch "Real stories of supply chain transformation"

In spring, the flowers bloom. In fall, the leaves change. Some transformations follow a convention, but in supply chain that’s rarely the case. How do you know when it’s time for a shift? This was the question Kinaxis CEO John Sicard posed to three panelists at a Gartner conference earlier this year.

Leaders from Bose, Boston Scientific and ON Semiconductor shared key lessons from their supply chain transformations, including what led them to consider change. Check out the video and read their comments below. If these stories sound familiar, it might be time for your supply chain to change too…

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We’re going live at the Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit in Denver

DanielleMcNeil Taylor

Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit from Nov. 4-5This week our team lands in Denver to participate in the first Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit from Nov. 4-5. The goal of the Summit is to provide actionable insights and strategic guidance on how companies can improve planning agility to balance customers’ expectations and business goals.

Our team is excited to be part of this inaugural event to showcase our latest innovations that combine the power of human and machine intelligence to drive more supply chain visibility and help customers make confident business decisions in time to make a difference.

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Nucleus Research positions Kinaxis in Leaders’ quadrant of Control Tower Technology Value Matrix for 2019

DanielleMcNeil Taylor

Nucleus Research Control Tower Technology Value Matrix for 2019Nucleus Research just released its Control Tower Technology Value Matrix for 2019, a report that assesses the state of the control tower market and provides an overview of 12 vendors based on a combination of functionality and usability.

Nucleus Research cites the ability of our machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to review historical performance data and provide a larger contextual picture when exceptions in the supply chain network arise as key capabilities when ranking technology solutions in its 2019 Control Tower Technology Value Matrix.

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Managing demand, tariffs and sustainability: Top three automotive industry takeaways from Kinexions ‘19


Kinexions '19 main stage

Recently, over 500 supply chain professionals descended upon Orlando, Florida for a few days of awesome sessions, training courses and networking. It was Kinexions ‘19! Being a fairly new member of Kinaxis, this was my first Kinexions and I was excited to see what it was all about. With attendees from all over the world and across multiple industries, the type of discussions underway were diverse. It was great to hear so much buzz around the automotive industry and how original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers alike leverage Kinaxis technology to “Win the Moment!” Here are my top three auto industry takeaways.

1. It’s time to get a handle on your demand

Demand accuracy is a challenge most any supply chain professional laments over. In the automotive industry, it’s incredibly difficult to wrap your arms around it, especially with new considerations like more vehicle personalization and a shortened product life cycle entering the fray…

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There’s no crying in supply chain… and other lessons from Kinexions ‘19


There’s no crying in supply chain… and other lessons from Kinexions ‘19

There’s no crying in supply chain. Except when there is. Working in this industry is tough. The challenges are large. The pressure to cut costs, improve efficiency and keep customers happy even more so. Despite all that, this past week at Kinexions ’19 in Orlando, Florida, I was reminded once again how enriching, inspiring and fun (yes, fun!) working in this industry can be.

The annual conference held by Kinaxis for its users and supply chain innovators is always a highlight for me. For the past five years, I’ve had the privilege of connecting with customers, prospects and partners at this event. Understanding their triumphs and tribulations. Sharing in their passion and joy. Witnessing year-over-year how they do things with our software, and within their supply chains, I never dreamed possible.

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Impacting the supply chain talent pipeline by expanding academic outreach

PollyMitchell Guthrie

Impacting the supply chain talent pipeline by expanding academic outreachTalent is top of mind for most executives as fuel for the future – but it is approaching a crisis in the supply chain world.

For the past four years, hiring qualified supply chain workers has been cited as the biggest company challenge in the annual survey conducted by MHI and Deloitte Consulting.

As older workers retire, a new crop must be hired and gain experience to replenish the gap, but the supply chain employee of the future requires digital skill sets that are in high demand across all industries. This hiring landscape means that attracting and retaining new talent is harder than ever.

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Kinaxis Certification Program introduces digital badges


Kinaxis Certification Program introduces digital badgesWe live in a world where social media presence is on a steep rise, skill validation and verification is reaching new heights, and building your own brand is critical.

To keep pace with the expectations of a credentialed workforce, Kinaxis is pleased to introduce digital badges to our certified base.

Knowledge, skills and abilities are the currency in the modern economy for interactions between organizations and their employees, partners and customers. To augment our existing certification program, Kinaxis will join the many technology giants that already use digital badges as a way of recognizing achievements.

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