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The Secret to Santa’s Success


Christmas Santa and Mrs Claus Season Red White Head ShouldersDoes your supply chain enjoy 100% on-time delivery? A workforce with a 0% turnover rate? How about a 100% customer satisfaction rating (at least among the Nice!)? No? Santa’s does. It’s widely believed Santa Claus has the most efficient supply chain in the world. And who am I to argue with a man who can deliver millions of presents all over the world in just one night.

But I’m here to let you in on a little secret. The key to Santa’s supply chain success isn’t magic (although there’s a healthy dose of that involved as well). It’s the mastermind behind his logistics, inventory management, master production scheduling, and sales and operations planning. So who is this wizard of supply chain management? Why, Mrs. Claus of course!

Yup, that’s right. While the big man in red is off on photo ops or headlining parades, Mrs. Claus is back at the North Pole working her hiney off alongside the suppliers (aka the Elves) to ensure every girl and boy gets the perfect gift for Christmas. From overseeing the production line, to managing supplier collaboration, to analyzing data as part of her intensive market research, she manages every aspect of Christmas. And let me tell you that’s no easy task.

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What Your Mom Can Teach You About Effective Supply Chain


Moms are supply chain super herosHappy Mother’s Day to all those hardworking moms out there! Have you ever marveled at how some women just seem to have it all together? They manage to turn a hectic household into a well-oiled machine, while I can barely manage to keep my household of two up and running! In honor of these Super Moms, I’ve pulled together the top five reasons why you should be asking your mom for more than just relationship advice.

  1. She’s the Best Master Scheduler You’ll Ever See – Between school, hockey practices, dance recitals and her own social life (yes, moms have those too!), she somehow manages to get everyone where they need to be on time and in the most effective way possible. Her schedule is coordinated down to the minute, and she always has contingency plans in case of potential delays, like having to pick up an extra passenger on the carpool run. She also knows where every member of her household is at any given moment. No missing or delayed shipments here!
  2. Her Inventory Management is Second to None – Ever wonder how moms always seems to know what’s in the cupboard when kids ask for snacks? She can rattle off the entire contents of the pantry without missing a beat. That’s because she knows exactly how much inventory she has, how long it’s likely to last, and when the best time is to re-stock. She also has a strong grasp on demand planning, always buying exactly the right amount of what her family’s likely to want in any given time period, balanced with how much storage space she has available for excess inventory. Say goodbye to stock spoilage and shortages!

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Best of the Best Supply Chain Blog Posts of 2014


best of the best supply chain blog-posts

As you take time over the holidays to sit back and reflect, here are the top ten excerpts from the best of the best posts on the Kinaxis supply chain blog. They touch on hot topics and industry trends discussed over the past year, so grab a coffee (or a spiked eggnog) and enjoy! We look forward to continuing the conversation in the New Year.

#1 “And much as we have had to rethink the first applications that were simply a digitization of a paper-based paradigm, we need to rethink how we structure our organizations and get work done to get maximum utility out of the digital world.”
FROM SMAC in the Middle of Supply Chain Change

#2 “Visibility is losing its clarity.”
FROM Visibility is Losing Its Clarity

#3 “The ‘ah-ha’ moments are the catalyst to innovation.”
FROM “Storage Wars” Rescues Supply Chain Ignominy

#4 “Many companies have several instances of ERP, each deployed differently. Despite many moving to a single instance of ERP there are still many ‘shadow IT’ required to do what the core ERP solution cannot. And then there is the planning layer, which is even less harmonized or standardized. Most business people consider this an IT problem. Guess what? It isn’t going away until the business makes solving the data issue their issue.”
FROM Gartner Supply Chain Leaders Conference – What Will Be Hot?

#5 “Tell me if you’ve heard this one before. Your company has implemented an S&OP process. At first it showed some promise, but now it has turned into a blamefest, attended – if at all – by lower level representatives that aren’t empowered to make decisions.”
FROM Poorly Executed or Non-Existent S&OP Is Costing Your Supply Chain Money

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Top 10 Reasons Why Santa Has The Best Supply Chain


Since the Holiday season is upon us, what better way to celebrate than with a top 10 list, which I hope will put everyone in a festive mood!

Here are 10 Reasons Why Santa Has the Best Supply Chain

#1 No ERP system, just a list. Now, he does do some risk assessment… using patented approved simulation. For example, what if Johnny is good this year?

#2 Air freight without the fuel costs. And a big zero on the carbon footprint

#3 No capacity issues, no union, no vacation, no breaks… work is play and play is work for elves.

#4 His forecast is always accurate. Let’s see that forecast!
top 10 reasons why santa has the best supply chain








#5 One currency for every country. Milk and cookies.

#6 No customer service issues. If a customer is rude, obnoxious or grumpy they get a rotten egg and a lump of coal and told to stick it where the mistletoe doesn’t grow.

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Remembering: Compromise. Confessions of a Supply Chain Dropout by Laura Dionne, TriQuint at Kinexions


Compromise. Confessions of a Supply Chain Dropout by Laura Dionne TriQuint at Kinexions

Like I’ve mentioned in my last couple of Thursday blogs, we are starting to gear up for this year’s Kinexions (our annual training & user conference). A few weeks ago I began to reminisce about our fun customer videos from past conferences and I decided to create a blog series to share. So, on this ‘Throw Back Thursday’, I would like to share this video of Laura Dionne, director worldwide operations planning, presenting “Compromise. Confessions of a Supply Chain Dropout”.

In this video hear Laura Dionne, JP Swanson and Guenter Schmidt speak about their experience with RapidResponse – it’s not only educational, but fun too. Please check it out!

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An Open Confession – Please Don’t Fire Me, I Promise to Learn Laugh Share and Connect on the Supply Chain Expert Community


Before I start let me confess something. I am not a social media guy. I only go on Facebook to see my latest invitations to play Candy Crush and I still think a Twitter is 3 hits away from a no-hitter. However the idea of an online community seemed a bit more appealing since it was all about a group of people with a common interest sharing information on that topic. Obviously one community I pay attention to is the Supply Chain Expert community powered by Kinaxis. That leads me to the second part of my confession. I haven’t been on the community for a little while. Recently I was doing a demonstration of the Dashboard capabilities in RapidResponse. One participant asked about authoring Dashboards and I suggested they visit the Supply Chain Expert Community to check out a short video on authoring dashboards. The third part of my confession is that I had not seen the video for myself. I knew it was there but after making the recommendation I thought I should see it firsthand. The final part of my confession is that I had been taking the content of the community for granted.

The first thing I took for granted is that anyone can get to the dozens of training videos, for free, without having to be a Kinaxis customer. The video I suggested on authoring Dashboards was only one of many. If you look at the 6 menu items below, 5 are open to anyone. Only the support is closed to customers because it deals with specific customer data and use cases.

supply chain expert community header

If you look at the Content section you’ll see everything from ways to better utilize RapidRepsonse to information of key Supply Chain topics and strategies. Sorry, it’s lacking a bit on motivational quotes and links to the latest celebrity wardrobe malfunctions. Notice I’m only in as a guest and still have access to everything from blog posts, discussions and videos.

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On the road again! Top 5 things about Kinaxis at the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference


We’re thrilled to be a sponsor of the upcoming Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference taking place May 20-22 in Phoenix, AZ.

Are you planning on attending? Here’s what we think are the top 5 things you should know for this event:

#5 Thinking outside the box at the Vendor User Roundtable on Tuesday, May 20th at 3:30pm. Join our own Trevor Miles for this small group discussion on: Stop being boxed in! It’s the arrows between the boxes that matter

#4 We’ll be tweeting live commentary! Follow @milesahead, @Kinaxis or #GartnerSCC.

#3 We are sponsoring: Kinaxis is the Premier Sponsor of the conference, and once again we are also proud to sponsor the Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 Celebration Dinner – celebrating world-class supply chain achievements on Wednesday, May 21st at 7:45pm.

#2 Meet our experts and seeing a demonstration at Kinaxis booth #105 during the Solution Provider Showcase. Don’t forget to ask why we were positioned in the leaders quadrant for Supply Chain Planning System of Record.

Gartner supply chain conference late late supply chain show#1 Learn and laugh with senior supply chain executives: Stacey Cornelius of Nimble Storage, Tony Savoca of Bristol-Myers Squibb, Trevor Miles and host Bill Dubois during our Solution Provider Session on May 21st at 11:30am:

Achieving “3D” Vision: Defining, Designing, Delivering End-to-End Supply Chain Processes

Join the latest episode of the ‘Late Late Supply Chain Show’ where Kinaxis business consultant (and pseudo talk show host), Bill Dubois and guest panelists will take an entertaining and informed look at the three Ds (definition, design, delivery) of a supply chain process and technology vision. Kinaxis will give its definition of a planning system of record, and will discuss key tenets to designing and delivering it. Hear examples of what it takes to execute, as companies share experiences on their steps towards realizing the end-to-end vision in this high-energy, interactive session.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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The Scariest Supply Chain Stories: Happy Halloween!


We are hot off the heels of Kinexions, our annual training and user conference where we had the opportunity to ask supply chain professionals to describe their scariest supply chain situation.

In collaboration with SupplyChainBrain, we put together the following video. Here’s what customers from Celestica, First Solar and Kennametal told us…

Happy Halloween 21st Century Supply Chain readers!

Viewer discretion: Watching this video may keep you up at night.

What’s your scariest supply chain story? Tell us what keeps you up at night!

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