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Event recap: Inaugural Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit a mile high hit


Kinaxis CMO Jay Muelhoefer on stage with Gerry Hanrahan of Extreme Networks at the inaugural Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit in Denver, CO.
In November 2019, the inaugural Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit took place in the mile high city, Denver, CO.

This article is a summary of the event and how it fits into the Gartner supply chain event portfolio. I hope it will help you decide which events to attend in 2020 and beyond. [Disclosure – Kinaxis was a premier sponsor of the event.]

My overall recommendation is the event is good for mid-level supply chain planning professionals looking for a broad information overview. The top benefit is the networking across peers to build relationships beyond the event.

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We’re going live at the Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit in Denver

DanielleMcNeil Taylor

Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit from Nov. 4-5This week our team lands in Denver to participate in the first Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit from Nov. 4-5. The goal of the Summit is to provide actionable insights and strategic guidance on how companies can improve planning agility to balance customers’ expectations and business goals.

Our team is excited to be part of this inaugural event to showcase our latest innovations that combine the power of human and machine intelligence to drive more supply chain visibility and help customers make confident business decisions in time to make a difference.

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There’s no crying in supply chain… and other lessons from Kinexions ‘19


There’s no crying in supply chain… and other lessons from Kinexions ‘19

There’s no crying in supply chain. Except when there is. Working in this industry is tough. The challenges are large. The pressure to cut costs, improve efficiency and keep customers happy even more so. Despite all that, this past week at Kinexions ’19 in Orlando, Florida, I was reminded once again how enriching, inspiring and fun (yes, fun!) working in this industry can be.

The annual conference held by Kinaxis for its users and supply chain innovators is always a highlight for me. For the past five years, I’ve had the privilege of connecting with customers, prospects and partners at this event. Understanding their triumphs and tribulations. Sharing in their passion and joy. Witnessing year-over-year how they do things with our software, and within their supply chains, I never dreamed possible.

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2019 Kinaxis Supply Chain Innovation Forum drives strong interest in Japan


2019 Kinaxis Supply Chain Innovation Forum drives strong interest in JapanWith more than 200 applications for just 100 available seats, it would be an understatement to say that interest was strong in the 2019 Kinaxis Supply Chain Innovation Forum, held recently in Tokyo, Japan.

Kinaxis Japan invited Yoshinobu Ueno, Professor of Graduate School of Engineering, Kanazawa Institute of Technology and CEO of Valuegrid Institute Co., to present the forum’s keynote. Entitled “Understanding the Leadership Required of Management in Supply Chain Innovation Through Case Studies,” the talk covered management leadership and how it can help drive supply chain innovation.

Following this, Santen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which recently introduced Kinaxis’ RapidResponse® platform into it’s operations, profiled a series of initiatives at the company that utilize RapidResponse to drive growth in overseas markets.

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Golf and the art of supply chain improvement


Golf and the art of supply chain improvement

I’ll admit it, I am a not a great golfer. Even though I can now drive the ball well, two years ago I could barely make contact. Like every golfer, my short game needs work and more often than not I’m happy to just get the ball on the green, never mind close to the pin.

If I actually manage to sink a putt there may or may not be some enthusiastic dancing on the green much to the embarrassment of the rest of my foursome. But the general trajectory of my game is one of improvement. The lesson I’ve learned is to study my performance and make adjustments to be a better golfer every time I go out.

There are some clear parallels between golf and supply chain improvement if you stop and think about them.

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‘Win the Moment’ at Kinexions ’19


“Delay of supply chain, that’s a penalty. Roughing the supplier, that’s two minutes. Excessive use of inventory, you’re out of the game!”

As you’ll find out in the video below, egregious supply chain planning tactics don’t go unpenalized under my watchful eye.

But the truth is, in my role as a supply chain referee, I don’t want to put anyone in the supply chain sin bin. In fact, it’s my job at Kinexions ’19 to help keep you out of the box and on the supply chain ice where you’re most valuable to your organization.

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Digital supply chain transformation: What was once disruption is now strategy


The debate over whether technology is required to run supply chains is over. It has been for a while now. In the next five years, we’ll see more innovation than the last century, and that’s staying a lot given in those 100 years we put a man on the moon, invented aerosol spray cans and saw the world revolutionized by personal computers, the internet and mobile phones.

Looking around on day two of the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference in Phoenix, AZ I see evidence of the world’s past innovation everywhere. From the phones and tablets in fellow attendees’ hands to the wireless earbuds and smart watches they’re wearing to the very screens presentations are being shown on. Innovation is everywhere. It’s inescapable. Even in the confines of your Excel-driven supply chain.

As Amber Salley and James Lisica, senior director analysts for Gartner, so poignantly put it during their keynote presentation on converging the physical and digital supply chains—if you’re still operating on the back of an Excel spreadsheet, it’s time for a reality check.

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From supply chain survival to leader: How you can follow Lenovo’s lead and find success during an acquisition


“Stand up if you know what it’s like to live through an acquisition, or if you’ve experienced a crisis at your company at some point in time.”

That was how Ben Massie, Vice President of E2E Supply Chain Execution at Lenovo, kicked off his presentation at the 2019 Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference in Phoenix, AZ. Nearly everyone in the room was standing—myself included.

Massie’s story centered on his journey from IBM to Lenovo during the acquisition of System X—a seven-year process from sale to hyper growth.

There were layoffs. A lot of them. A revolving door of mangers. Seven in sixteen months. And a shift in culture that put the emphasis solely on the bottom line.

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