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New report: End-to-end planning is “first major step” in tariff and trade management


The days of preparing for new trade policies are over. For decades, companies were given advance notice of coming tariff announcements, with time to adapt to the upcoming changes. But that has changed in today’s “tweet today, implement tomorrow” pace of business. That speed and volatility has opened the door for a new style of global trade management to emerge. A recent Aberdeen Group survey of 126 companies identified the organizations that excel at global trade management and the key factors that drive their success.

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Airport logistics and the concurrent planning truth behind baggage handling


Airport logistics and the truth behind baggage handling

Travelling is my ultimate passion. Even when it’s just a quick trip, setting up a routine in a different city or country helps me to think out-of-the-box as different cultures can have very different aspects of daily living.

Walking in the streets of a new city is a perfect workout for my brain as it helps me quickly become familiar with my surroundings and have the full experience.

I’ve been travelling as much as I can, wherever possible.

I have to say though, if you like travelling, you have to like being in airports and you must be willing to deal with the complex services structure it provides — which starts and ends with your baggage.

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The case for extensibility: why rigid SCM platforms can’t power winning supply chains


The case for extensibility: why rigid SCM platforms can’t power winning supply chains

In today’s fast-paced world, success means getting ahead of change, not just keeping up with it. It’s no different for your supply chain. Growing customer demands.

Shifting regulations. Big impact events like natural disasters. It’s no wonder companies are looking for hyper-agile, synchronized supply chains.

But are they looking in the right place?

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Throwback Thursday: Excel and supply chain planning


Throwback Thursday: Excel and Supply Chain PlanningIt’s appropriate that I’m reading Nucleus Research’s piece “Beyond Excel in Supply Chain Planning” on a Thursday.

I’m having a throwback Thursday moment as it was back in 2013 I made the case for Excel in a blog post titled, “Hey software bullies, stop picking on Excel.”

In my blog I observed that Excel was picking up the analytical gaps found in ERP systems. And as Seth Lippincott points out in the Nucleus Research piece, the flexibility and familiarity continue to drive the use of Excel.

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Kinaxis Certification Program introduces digital badges


Kinaxis Certification Program introduces digital badgesWe live in a world where social media presence is on a steep rise, skill validation and verification is reaching new heights, and building your own brand is critical.

To keep pace with the expectations of a credentialed workforce, Kinaxis is pleased to introduce digital badges to our certified base.

Knowledge, skills and abilities are the currency in the modern economy for interactions between organizations and their employees, partners and customers. To augment our existing certification program, Kinaxis will join the many technology giants that already use digital badges as a way of recognizing achievements.

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Introducing our inaugural guide to concurrent planning


Download our guide Thinking Differently About Supply Chain Planning: The Case for ConcurrencyA transformation is taking place. Political landscapes shift overnight, global trade is constantly changing, consumers demand increasingly personalized service and smaller day-to-day challenges hit without warning. If your job is supply chain management, how on earth do you plan for the unplannable?

At Kinaxis, we devote our time to the innovative technologies, processes and methods that help our customers and partners navigate the changing landscape of supply chain planning. Forecasting specific disruptions has become increasingly futile, but if you set your business up to deal with the process of disruption you’ll be set up for success.

Today we’re releasing a new guide to help you in this process: Thinking Differently About Supply Chain Planning: The Case for Concurrency

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Golf and the art of supply chain improvement


Golf and the art of supply chain improvement

I’ll admit it, I am a not a great golfer. Even though I can now drive the ball well, two years ago I could barely make contact. Like every golfer, my short game needs work and more often than not I’m happy to just get the ball on the green, never mind close to the pin.

If I actually manage to sink a putt there may or may not be some enthusiastic dancing on the green much to the embarrassment of the rest of my foursome. But the general trajectory of my game is one of improvement. The lesson I’ve learned is to study my performance and make adjustments to be a better golfer every time I go out.

There are some clear parallels between golf and supply chain improvement if you stop and think about them.

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Introducing our new video series, Big Ideas in Supply Chain


We’re launching a new video series today called Big Ideas in Supply Chain. It’s our way of sharing the best solutions we’ve encountered in our work with thought leaders, customers and partners.

Each video in this series focuses on a weighty issue in supply chain, like change management or risk recovery. But these videos aren’t just an overview of common challenges — they have the potential to transform your work.

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