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Patrick Bower: I believe we are close to a transition point with S&OP

Welcome to the S&OP Experts Blog Series.  This series features a weekly Q&A with an industry thought leader on sales and operations planning trends and strategies. Follow-up ‘question and answer’ sessions are hosted in the S&OP section of the Supply Chain Expert Community.  Registered community members may submit their questions for the expert of the […]

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S&OP needs to evolve….here’s how

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog titled “S&OP needs to evolve – I’m frustrated with traditional thinking!” in which I questioned a description of S&OP that is as much as 30 years old.  Just to reiterate, I agree that much of the difficulty of implementing S&OP is the organizational change management to adopt […]

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The endless debate: Is S&OP about technology?

I recently saw twitter post which linked to an article by Steve Banker at Logistics Viewpoints titled “S&OP is not about Technology. Wrong!”.  This position clearly aligns with my thinking about the place of technology in S&OP.  There was once a time when everyone believed that S&OP could be done in Excel.  In fact, some […]

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