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Benefits of optimizing the supply chain network and beyond


I came across the following article , ‘10 Guidelines for Supply Chain Network Infrastructure Planning’, in IndustryWeek, which discusses a methodology to reduce supply chain costs through the optimization of the network infrastructure. The authors discuss 10 things to keep in mind when tackling infrastructure optimization, which they say account for 75%-80% of total supply […]

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Coping with catastrophe. Can your supply chain recover?


I spotted this article from the Wall Street Journal a few weeks ago and a couple of points caught my eye.  First, 2010 was a record breaking year for natural and man-made disasters. We had a virtual smorgasbord of catastrophes from flooding, to fire, to snowstorms. We had Volcanoes grounding air travel and earthquakes devastating […]

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The supply chain disruptions you’ll never plan for


The eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano last spring was fascinating for a number of reasons. For example, photos of lightning inside the plume of volcanic ash, such as these seen at National Geographic’s website, are mesmerizing. More importantly, the ash cloud itself presented significant business ramifications for companies around the world. I believe we will […]

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Responding…versus planning…versus expediting


This is a follow-up to my post from a few weeks ago: Expediting versus Planning.  I received many comments and recommendations on this subject as to whether much of the expediting that occurs is in fact related to planning deficiencies.   After reading and reflecting on the comments I received, it seems to me that the premise that effective […]

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The real value is in the response (In this case, responses to my blog post on forecast accuracy)


Many times the responses to a blog post are more valuable than the original post itself, especially when the original post poses a question. In the case of “How accurate does the forecast need to be?” that was certainly the case. The following are some “nuggets” from the  responses received to the original post that […]

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