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Collaboration and the making of a social supply chain


A man uses a social collaboration interface

I received a somewhat confusing email a few weeks ago – an invitation, from a colleague, for me to join Yammer. The invitation didn’t provide much information about why I should be joining, so naturally a few questions ran through my head. Why have I been invited? Is this related to a project? Am I supposed to know? Did I miss something at the last team meeting?

I bit and created a Yammer account thinking that these burning questions would be answered…not so much. After poking around the home page, which resembled my Facebook news feed, I went straight to the source – the person who invited me. Turns out my colleague had been invited by someone else, and then invited me to join along with a few other team members. Which got me thinking: should a mere invitation be the driver to adopting a new collaboration tool? While Yammer certainly provides some intriguing features, for me the motivation just isn’t there – at least for the time being.

So what does this have to do with supply chain? Well, collaboration in a supply chain organization is essential to pretty much every role, from the customer service rep, to the demand planner, to the supply chain executive. And those are just the roles within the company. Supply chain organizations operate within global networks of external trading partners that require regular back and forth communication.

Social media aids collaboration within a business environment because it can help build trust and closely connect people from different roles, backgrounds, and locations across the globe. Many companies, in the supply chain space or not, are turning to enterprise social networking tools to influence collaboration and open communication throughout their departments. However, research shows that these tools are not getting as much traction as predicted and employees go back to relying on outdated collaboration methods, such as email, review meetings, and phone calls. One of the main cited causes is lack of business context.

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The social supply chain: demand side and supply side considerations.


As you may remember, Kinaxis participated in a webcast last month called: “Thought Leader Power Hour: The potential of the social supply chain.” The webcast featured: Lora Cecere, partner, Altimeter Group Bob Ferrari, managing director, The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group LLC Trevor Miles, director of thought leadership, Kinaxis We just wanted to let you […]

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